Dave's Story
Dave Cowell is somebody we all know, a homeowner, a loving husband, a father, and a working-class citizen. A progressive to the core, he has watched our government misstep and lose the trust of its own people. He has seen despair and deprivation, and he wants to see the greatest country in the world return to the top. 

A decade ago, he found himself homeless, bouncing from couch to couch. Five years later, he, his fiancé, and son stayed together in a one room apartment as they worked toward a better future. The struggle was all too familiar, as he grew up in poverty, with a Purple Heart recipient father suffering from PTSD, in a home that provided no fortunes.

As a teenager Dave began working, at first mowing grass for his Church and then in the fast food industry. Finding a place in the local music scene, he started booking and promoting concerts among the area, bringing people together in a positive creative outlet. He's worked in home health services, focusing his work on teens and children with mental disadvantages and disabilities. Working paycheck to paycheck, he worked his way from the ground up to manage one of the most successful electronics stores in the area, a store where he works 50 hours a week.

Just like anyone else, Dave strives every day to provide a better future for not only himself, but those around him. He promised his son a better life than he ever knew, and he wants the same for all hard working families in Missouri and our Nation. The perspective gained through his life has given him a great understanding of what people need to succeed.

As a member of the working class, he knows the same difficulties many Americans face every day. He's seen the darkest hours, and knows the people of this nation have lost faith in their government. He's been inspired to make change in his community, seeing the constant uphill battle many people face. Dave stands with the working families, and he wants to bring the power back to the majority.