Predatory Trade Deals

Second Amendment

I stand against predatory trade deals that take jobs away from working Americans. Recent trade deals are taking jobs overseas and harming the working families. You have my commitment that I will never vote for any trade deals that could harm our American manufacturing industry. District 8 has 35,000 jobs in manufacturing and we cannot afford to lose these jobs.
I support the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. As a gun owner myself, I recognize owning firearms is an American tradition that should be protected. I believe we should focus on enforcing existing laws we have in place.

Climate Change

Veterans Affairs

97% of the worlds’ scientists agree that climate change is real and it is caused by human activity. Many GOP politicians are being bribed by greedy corporations to ignore the impending threat of climate change. If we don’t fight climate change now, our future and our children’s futures are at stake.  Missouri has more than 200 sunny days per year making solar energy a great source for moving us away from fossil fuels. Missouri’s solar resources actually exceed those of Germany, which leads the world in solar energy production. The Clean energy industry creates jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, transportation and much more which benefits Missouri’s working families.
I believe more of the defense budget should be allocated to Veterans programs such as VA healthcare.  We need to make every effort to ensure Veterans get quality healthcare they were promised in return for serving their country.  The GOP consistently votes for war but votes against better care for our Veterans.  The government cannot continue sending our young men and women to war without including their care in the costs of conflict. Suicide outpaced battle mortality 4 to 1 in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.  11% of homeless men and women in our nation are Veterans. This national tragedy cannot be allowed to continue. We must enhance the earned benefits of Americans who have served our country and protected our nation in the Armed Forces.

Infrastructure Repair


Extreme right wing politicians in this country are waging a war against the LGBT community. Our nation and Armed Forces have made progress in supporting the LGBT community. I believe we need to continue to fight against discriminatory laws and be on the right side of history. It is an outrage that you can still be discriminated against in the workplace or fired based on your race, gender or sexual orientation. We also need to continue the fight for women’s rights.  I strongly believe in gender equality and will always stand for closing the gender pay gap in the United States. It is a national disgrace that women working full time only earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns. I will always stand and join fight for equality for all.
I believe we need to invest in repairing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure to create jobs and repair Missouri’s schools, water systems, energy systems, roads, bridges and levees. Safety and job creation are very basic concerns that we have to address imminently. Unemployment in Missouri’s 8th district is twice as high as the national average. Investing in our states infrastructure will jumpstart job creation and make our economy more competitive while working on serious safety concerns.

Prescription Pills and Heroin Addiction


In Missouri’s 8th district we have a serious problem with prescription pill and heroin addiction that needs to be addressed more seriously.  Poverty is a significant factor when it comes to addiction, and this district is the one of the poorest in the nation. This is why we must focus on obtaining economic justice for our district and bring our citizens out of poverty.  This heroin epidemic is sending parents to jail, or even their death which is destroying families.  Scott County has seen a 500% increase in drug induced deaths in the past few years. 80% of heroin addicts started with prescription pills and transitioned to heroin as a cheaper alternative. Missouri is the only state that does not have a prescription drug monitoring program that would prevent a person from taking a doctor’s prescription for painkillers to more than one pharmacy.  This is a common sense program that would go a long way in preventing drug addictions and deaths that plague our district.
Missouri’s 8th congressional district is in desperate need of leaders who make poverty a top priority.  This district is the poorest in the state and one of the poorest in the nation. Wage inequality is connected to childhood hunger, infant mortality, high school dropout rates, drug addiction, and a crumbling economy.  We cannot continue electing lawmakers who serve the rich and ignore the needs of working Americans families. Most members of the GOP think the answer to poverty is as simple as cutting into programs like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and SNAP benefits. They think doing this will force people in need to join the workforce. What they do not understand is that a lot of people on these programs are already in the workforce and are not making enough to survive on. I believe cutting these programs will lead to even higher levels of poverty. There are nearly 50,000 jobs in this district in the healthcare and social assistance industries. Cutting Social programs will put those jobs in danger and the 8th district cannot afford to lose any more jobs.